Ulmus americana 'Princeton'

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Ulmus americana 'Princeton' - American Elm cultivar, Princeton Elm, Water Elm, White Elm
Common name: American Elm cultivar, Princeton Elm, Water Elm, White Elm
Family: Ulmaceae (Elm)
Distribution: Cultivated
Hardiness: -40 - 30 F
Life form: Deciduous tree
Disease resistance: Resistant to Dutch elm disease and elm beetles.
Structure: Vase
Average height: 50-70'
Foliage characteristics: Simple, alternate, oval, pointed leaves with double serrated margins. Shorter on one side of center vein than other.
Bloom Time: February to March
Bark characteristics: Dark gray bark is ridged and furrowed.
Fruit characteristics: Oval samara.
Fall color: Yellow
Description: This American elm cultivar is one of the most popular currently planted due to its excellent resistance to Dutch elm disease, even though it was developed prior to the infection. This tree has very recognizable leaves; both ends taper to a point, but it is unequal at the base. It has doubly serrated edges.
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