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As a vital and vibrant part of the Smithsonian experience, Smithsonian Gardens engages people with plants and gardens, informs on the roles both play in our cultural and natural world, and inspires appreciation and stewardship.
Smithsonian Gardens extends the Smithsonian's museum experience in a public garden setting with over 180 acres of outdoor gardens including 13 public exhibition gardens often called the Smithsonian Institution's "museum without walls." Staff also produce interior exhibits and horticultural displays around the Smithsonian, develop educational programming, and manage artifact, archival, and living collections.

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For collection inquiries or other questions, please contact Sarah Hedean, Living Collections Manager.
Smithsonian Gardens (SG) Collections
Nationally Accredited Orchid Species Collection ™
SG strives to cultivate a diverse array of orchids from all over the world. With close to 6,000 plants in the collection, new acquisitions are selected carefully each year based on their display quality, educational value, beauty, rarity and how each plant can complement the present collection.
Smithsonian Gardens Tree Collection
SG is dedicated to maintaining the 2,000 trees that are located throughout the gardens. Showcasing native, exotic, historic, and recently cultivated trees, these plants play a vital role in living collection projects such as photo documentation and phenology tracking.
Smithsonian Gardens Display Collection
The Display Collection is our newest collection underway. We are documenting the roughly 20,000 perennial and woody plants throughout SG’s 13 gardens and landscapes, each of which has its own theme that supports the museum it surrounds.