Quercus palustris

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Quercus palustris - Pin Oak, Swamp Oak
Common name: Pin Oak, Swamp Oak
Family: Fagaceae (Beech)
Distribution: S Ontario to NC and E USA
Habitat: Bottomlands, clay flats, depressions with water in winter
Hardiness: -30 - 20 F
Life form: Deciduous tree
Fall color: Red
Foliage characteristics: Simple, alternate leaves with 5-7 sharply pointed lobes. 3-6" long.
Fruit characteristics: Acorns have a shallow cap, mature to red-brown, and drop from September to November. .5-.75" diameter. Take two years to mature.
Bloom Time: April to May
Bark characteristics: Gray-brown bark has shallow ridges and furrows.
Average height: 50-75'
Structure: Young: pyramidal Mature: oval
Bloom characteristics: Male flowers grow in yellow-green catkins that appear at the same time as the leaves.
Description: The pin oak is an excellent shade tree for cities. Interestingly, a black ink can be made from the twig galls of this oak.
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