Quercus falcata

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Quercus falcata - Southern Red Oak, Spanish Oak
Common name: Southern Red Oak, Spanish Oak
Family: Fagaceae (Beech)
Distribution: C and E USA
Habitat: dry, upland sites; south and west facing slopes or dry ridgetops up to 610 meters
Hardiness: -10 - 30 F
Life form: Deciduous tree
Bloom Time: April to May
Fall color: Red-brown
Foliage characteristics: Simple, alternate, elliptic to ovate, 3-9 lobed leaf. Dark green above and pale green below. 8-12" long.
Fruit characteristics: Small, round acorns appear in September to October. .5" diameter.
Bark characteristics: Dark bark goes from smooth to furrowed with time.
Average height: 60-80'
Structure: Oval, round
Bloom characteristics: Male flowers are yellow-green catkins. Female flowers are red tinged clusters.
Description: Southern red oak provides good shade during hot, southern summers, and is popular in parks.
This oak is listed as Threatened in Ohio and Endangered in Pennsylvania.
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