Quercus texana

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Quercus texana - Nuttall Oak, Texas Red Oak
Common name: Nuttall Oak, Texas Red Oak
Family: Fagaceae (Beech)
Synonym: Quercus nutalli
Distribution: C and SE USA
Habitat: floodplains and bottomlands; 0-200 meters
Hardiness: -20 - 30 F
Life form: Deciduous tree
Bloom characteristics: Yellow-green male and female catkins that appear just after leaves emerge.
Structure: Round
Average height: 50-80'
Bark characteristics: Brown, furrowed
Bloom Time: April
Fruit characteristics: Oval acorns with scaly caps. 1.25" long.
Foliage characteristics: Simple, alternate, dark green leaves with 6-11 sharply pointed lobes. 4-8" long.
Fall color: Red; late in the season
Description: A native to central Texas, the Texas red oak has brilliant fall color. Through the rest of the year, its leaves provide excellent shade in parks.
This oak is listed as Endangered in Illinois.
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