Quercus myrsinifolia

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Quercus myrsinifolia - Bamboo Leaf Oak, Chinese Evergreen Oak
Common name: Bamboo Leaf Oak, Chinese Evergreen Oak
Family: Fagaceae (Beech)
Distribution: C and S Japan, Korea (Jin-do), C and S China to Indo-China
Habitat: Lime-free soils, 200-250 meters
Hardiness: 0 - 30 F
Life form: Evergreen tree
Bloom characteristics: 2-6 female flowers grow on a thin stalk on young shoots. Male flowers appear in early summer.
Structure: Round
Average height: 30-50'
Bark characteristics: Pink-gray, smooth bark with thin orange furrows.
Bloom Time: Early summer
Fruit characteristics: Acorns grow 2-4 together with a cup that covers a third to half of the acorn. Cap has 3-6 rings. .5-1" long.
Foliage characteristics: Alternate, simple, lanceolate to elliptic, leathery leaves with a serrated margin. 2-5" long.
Description: Chinese evergreen oak is one of the ring-cupped oaks of eastern and southeastern Asia. As the name suggests, ring-cupped oaks have distinctive, concentric rings on their acorn cups.
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