Magnolia × soulangeana

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Magnolia × soulangeana - Saucer Magnolia, Chinese Magnolia
Common name: Saucer Magnolia, Chinese Magnolia
Family: Magnoliaceae (Magnolia)
Distribution: Cultivated
Hardiness: -30 - 30 F
Life form: Deciduous tree
Average height: 20-30'
Structure: Round
Foliage characteristics: New leaves reddish, but mature to green.Leaves are simple, alternate, have entire margines, and oblong shaped with a pointed tip. 4-8" long.
Fruit characteristics: Some 1-4" long cones produced. For those that do produce cones, they may split to reveal red-orange fruit. Matures from August-September.
Bloom Time: Mid- to late April
Bloom characteristics: White, pink, or purple cup-like blossoms which appear before leaves.
Bark characteristics: Smooth, silver-gray
Key ID characteristics: Bark; saucer-shaped flowers; multi-trunked or wit low main branches; hairs on flower buds are dense and short
Fall color: Yellow
Description: Known as the saucer magnolia, this commonly grown deciduous magnolia hybrid was first crossed in the early 1800s by Chevalier Etienne Soulange-Bodin. It blooms beautifully in early spring before its leaves come in, presenting a display of pink flowers with white interiors covering dark branches. This magnolia can also have another, sporadic bloom in the fall, although these flowers are typically less vibrant.
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