Terminalia buceras 'Shady Lady'

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Terminalia buceras 'Shady Lady' - Shady Lady Black Olive
Common name: Shady Lady Black Olive
Family: Combretaceae (Indian Almond)
Synonym: Bucida buceras 'Shady Lady'
Distribution: Cultivated
Hardiness: 30 - 50 F
Life form: Evergreen tree
Average height: 20-30'
Structure: Oval, round
Foliage characteristics: Green, simple, alternate, and obovate leaves which are 2-4" long.
Fruit characteristics: Fleshy, black, oval-shaped fruit which is less than .5" long. Little fruit observed on cultivar.
Bloom Time: Spring, summer
Bark characteristics: Gray
Description: This warm weather tree is a more compact version of the species. It is often planted in indoor courtyards, as the Shady Lady cultivar of the black olive tree does not produce as much litter as the species, and enjoys common indoor temperatures. Despite its name, this tree is not related to the olive family, and does not grow olives.
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