Brassia verrucosa

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Brassia verrucosa - The Warty Brassia
Common name: The Warty Brassia
Family: Orchidaceae subfam. Epidendroideae
Distribution: Mexico to N Brazil
Habitat: Humid forests and rocky hills; 900-1600m
Life form: Epiphytic
Bloom Time (northern hemisphere): April to September
Bloom characteristics: Inflorescence is 30" long with 5- 15 green flowers. Flowers are 6" across and last 3-8 weeks.
Fragrance: Black pepper, musky (scent fades as flowers age)
Pollination syndrome: Wasps
Description: This is a large orchid which has pale green flowers with a lip covered in distinctive “warts” – small brown or green spots. In the wild, a type of white spider has been observed camouflaging itself among the orchid’s pale flowers to catch insects. This Brassia has some of the largest, most spider-like flowers of the genus.
Comments: Brassia verrucosa
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