Epidendrum radicans

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Epidendrum radicans - The Ground Rooting Epidendrum
Common name: The Ground Rooting Epidendrum
Family: Orchidaceae subfam. Epidendroideae (Orchid)
Synonym: Epidendrum radicans var. xanthina
Distribution: Mexico to Colombia
Habitat: Open areas, between grass and rocks; 2950-8200ft (900-2500m)
Life form: Terrestrial
Bloom characteristics: Erect inflorescence is 10-38" (25-50 cm) long with 5-10 red flowers with an orange center. Flowers are 1" (2.5 cm) across and open successively over time.
Bloom Time (northern hemisphere): Year round; peaks from February to May
Pollination syndrome: Hummingbird (Elvira cupreiceps)
Description: This large orchid has a reputation for being weedy, but flowers easily.
Comments: Epidendrum radicans
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