Brassia arcuigera

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Brassia arcuigera - Arching Spider Orchid, The Arching Brassia
Common name: Arching Spider Orchid, The Arching Brassia
Family: Orchidaceae subfam. Epidendroideae (Orchid)
Synonym: Brassia antherotes
Distribution: Central America to Peru
Habitat: Premontane rainforests; 650-4920ft (200-1500m)
Life form: Epiphytic
Bloom Time (northern hemisphere): April to November
Bloom characteristics: Arching to pendant inflorescence is up to 2 feet (60 cm) long with 6-15 pale green flowers with a few brown spots. Flowers are 9" (23 cm) long.
Fragrance: Pleasant
Pollination syndrome: Wasp (female Vespidae), attempts to sting lip of flower to lay eggs
Plant size: 12-20" x 2-3" (30-51 x 5-8 cm), excluding inflorescence
Description: The Arching Brassia has many, pleasantly scented flowers which can vary widely in color or pattern, even on the same plant.
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