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Many visitors are surprised to learn that the Smithsonian Institution includes a number of outdoor museums in the form of gardens. Each outdoor museum has been designed to complement their adjacent interior museum and enhance the overall experience of education, appreciation, and enjoyment. From mid-April through September, the public can more fully appreciate this combination on guided weekly garden tours (weather permitting).
Smithsonian Gardens are located around museums throughout the National Mall in Washington, DC. They are open year-round, seven days a week, with something to see in every season! The Enid A. Haupt Garden is the only gated garden and opens daily from dawn to dusk. A walk around all of the gardens, at a leisurely pace, takes about 3 hours.
Engage. Inform. Inspire.
As a vital and vibrant part of the Smithsonian experience, we engage people with plants and gardens, inform the public on the roles they play in our cultural and natural worlds, and inspire appreciation and stewardship. Come visit the gardens, and experience a new side of the Smithsonian!

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For collection inquiries or other questions, please contact Sarah Hedean, Living Collections Manager.
Smithsonian Gardens (SG) Collections
Nationally Accredited Orchid Species Collection ™
SG strives to cultivate a diverse array of orchids from all over the world. With close to 6,000 plants in the collection, new acquisitions are selected carefully each year based on their display quality, educational value, beauty, rarity and how each plant can complement the present collection.
Smithsonian Gardens Tree Collection
SG is dedicated to maintaining the 2,000 trees that are located throughout the gardens. Showcasing native, exotic, historic, and recently cultivated trees, these plants play a vital role in living collection projects such as mass digitization and phenology tracking.